Putting the Trident to Him (CG)
SHIVA: It is a beautiful to be here in the heaven of imagination, but it is even more beautiful to walk the earth as a mortal. And to never know which day will be your last, or what the final testament of your existence might be. What great significance this lends to even the smallest and most inconsequential of events and encounters. For in the context of life and death, all things grow more precious.

POSEIDON: Mankind lives outside the temple - on the street, in the fields, any place where there is a stage from which no one can be excluded, where the unknown can come and go freely, bringing order and peace with one hand while spreading chaos and danger with the other.
And That's Called Style (CG)
TRIADONDIA: So, in fact, the lowly corners of life are not so lowly at all, and the profane is more sacred than at first glance it might appear to be.

SHIVA: Yes, exactly so.

TRIADONDIA: And so then, the most perfect place for man is ironically enough that place where perfection is impossible, and where only the acceptance of limitations brings wisdom?

SHIVA: Struggle along, so it is said, wake up everyday and one day you’ll be dead.

POSEIDON: Amen to that old boy.
Fine Plumage, Finer Lineage (SG)
TRIADONDIA: So, then I had best plan on returning to the surface of the sea and back to the world.

SHIVA: Sounds good to me. Sound good to you, Father of the Oceans?

POSEIDON: Sounds good to me.

SNORKELDRAGON: (Boldly speaking up) Sound goods to me too!

TRIADONDIA: And to me, as well.
Secrets Revealed (note live painters) (CG)
SHIVA: Then we are all in agreement, Triadondia will return to the world. He will gather what he has learned here and put it to some good use there, and we will all help.

TRIADONDIA: And in this way, something new will take place in the world.

SHIVA: Exactly, it is up to you now. I am afraid the old bearded one and I are far past being of much good at inventing anything new and different.

SNORKELDRAGON: But what about me? I did not even exist before a short time ago. I am not some old world god, all tired and nostalgic. I am me, and I am ready for anything!
Waterfall Rejuvenation Awaits (RH)
TRIADONDIA: (Snapping to attention) Then come with me. How shall I get back to the surface of the sea? How shall I climb back up that beam of light which brought me here? You shall be my stead. Upon your back, I shall rise to the surface, and in that way, I shall return to the world of men.

SNORKELDRAGON: What will happen to me once we reach the surface?

TRIADONDIA: I don’t know. You will be free I suppose – free to take any form you choose.

SNORKELDRAGON: Well, I uh, I uh… I guess that’s not so bad.

POSEIDON: Not bad at all for something that was microscopic fish food only a short time ago.

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