Sea Monkey Samurai (CG)
POSEIDON: And I too am not so self-important that I will not lend my magic to your celebration.


POSEIDON: By bestowing upon you a gift – a magic crystal ball in which the world may see itself reflected.

SHIVA: And I too am come to volunteer, to let loose the most colorful and splendid of dances that cannot help but cause human eyes to spin in a circus of delight.

TRIADONDIA: So, you will both lend your support to the celebration?

SHIVA: (lifting his trident) Upon my trident, I do so declare it.

POSEIDON: (lifting his trident.) And upon my trident, I do so declare as well.
Starboy, Karma& Lady Coral (DW)
SNORKELDRAGON: And I of course will do whatever I can. Even though I have no trident by which to swear my support, you know you have it anyway. For though I am not a god, I know that there exists a place where all things lost are found again, where treasures long buried are uncovered, and where powers once expended unwisely are given a second chance to be expended more wisely. Though I know not why, I believe I have played this role many times before. This time around I will play it well, and if not perfectly well, then at least I will play it as well as I can.

SHIVA: You will do just that.

POSEIDON: You will indeed. For you are as much a gift of the imagination as any of us.
Sights & Sounds of the 2060's (KM)
SHIVA: You SnorkelDragon remind me of my son, Ganesha. Triadondia is fortunate to have such a true friend as you.

TRIADONDIA: I am fortunate indeed to have such a devoted friend. You will be accorded a special place at the celebration, for you are a true friend.

POSEIDON: You are wise my boy, not to underestimate the role of devotion. Without it, we gods would surely find ourselves quickly unemployed.
Down in the Tiki Lair (CG)
TRIADONDIA: So, is it time to open the door and let the festival begin?

SHIVA: Not quite, my boy.

POSEIDON: No, not quite.

SHIVA: There is the little matter of the unknown.

TRIADONDIA: The unknown?

POSEIDON: You see, the context of eternity warps our various attempts to contain it.

SHIVA; And though mind is in love with the notion of eternal persistence, the body is the vessel and fulcrum on which change and no change, mortal and immortal life come into balance, So, therefore the context of your being must be reset so that it is neither too eternal nor too temporal, but rather something in between.
Yard Dogging It in Style (CG)
POSIEDON: You see, for us to dwell in timelessness is no great feat. We do it whether we care to or not. For you though and for the children of earth, timelessness can be like a drug that easily overpowers reason. To achieve a balance between the two requires considerable dedication and aptitude. Perfection is a trap, not possible - neither in heaven nor hell. Extending the range of possibilities is what matters. As one side of man becomes more human, the other side becomes more divine. That is why, as the centuries pass, you will see that my friend Shiva and I, gods of the unchanging classical tradition, will grow less relevant to the daily lives of men, as new gods take our place. The gods that come after us will be those who have weathered and shared in those specific sufferings that attend the human condition.

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