Freq looking Fairly unNasty (NV)
It did not take long for the SnorkelDragon and Triadondia to find the glowing beam of light and to ride it up towards the surface of the sea. When they reached the surface, Triadondia’s raft was waiting as if not a moment had passed. In fact, that was anything but the case. Triadondia soon realized that many eons had passed in the time he had been gone. The world was no longer in that time before history, but rather it stood on the brink of history’s end - smack in the middle of the 20th century.
This is Called 'Dressed to Thrill' (DJW)

Before long, Triadondia found his way back to civilization, and to modern times. There he proceeded to make a life for himself in this next new world. Triadondia settled in San Francisco, close to the sea. He took a job aboard a tugboat and grew to be a good man, one who took care of himself and others as best he could.

After a time, the SnorkelDragon grew bored with the quick and shallow pace of 20st century civilization and so drifted down the Pacific Coast towards South American, where he finally settled in a beautiful inlet, where he kept safe watch over sailing ships and the occasional drunken sailor.

Sparkly Top Hat Gal (NV)
Eventually, Triadondia became the captain of the tugboat. Not long after reaching adulthood, he met and fell in love with a lovely girl - one who like himself was deeply in love with the sea. They were married in a great and moving celebration. With her, he fathered children and the arrival of each new child was an occasion for another grand cybernation. When his children had children, it was Grandfather Triadondia who made sure the tradition of celebrations continued. To all, he was a good and constant friend. And through it all, he never forgot the lessons of his adventure. Still, it was not until late in his life that he put those lessons to work in a way that has a particular relevance for us today.
Soothing the Painted Audience (NV)
It was on an ordinary day near the end of the second year of the new millennium, that Triadondia was sitting in a coffee house. At his feet was a satchel which held the two gifts he had received from Poseidon and Shiva. He had just sat down with his coffee when a stranger walked in and placed a stack of circular colored fliers on a shelf beside where Triadondia was sitting.

TRIADONIDA: What you got there?

STRANGER: Fliers for a party.

TRIADONDIA: What kind of party? What’s it called?

STRANGER: Sea of Dreams.

TRIADONDIA: Sea of Dreams..., you don't say?

STRANGER: It’s a New Years Eve party. New Years’s 2003 – Sea of Dreams - Fanta-Sea!
SnorkelDancing Down Below (GM)


TRIADONDIA: (taking the flier and looking it over.) Hmm…

STRANGER: You interested in coming?

TRIADONDIA: Are you in a rush, young fella? Do you have a moment to sit and have a cup of coffee with an old man?

STRANGER: Sure, guess so.

So, the two of them sat, over a couple double espressos and Triadondia told the stranger what had happened to him long ago in the distant past, somewhere in the deep unknown. And they were both enlightened by the telling of the tale, and in a very short time, the bond between them grew clear and strong.