Liminal-icious See Aliens (MP)
By early afternoon, he had lost sight of land. In all directions now, he was surrounded by nothing but water. The air smelled differently so far from shore, less mixed with sand and earth, more weighty with brine. With the sun beating down on him, he adjusted the sail to catch the shift in the afternoon wind, and in that way, he sailed on straight into sunset and the starlight of evening. Once asleep, he quickly toppled into a dream, where seashells were books and waves were made of bread that tasted sweet like honey. He drifted that way, until the morning sun poked him with its warm rosy fingers. The boy lifted himself up and saw there in the water, circling all around his raft, a whole school of chirping dolphins.
Hindu Wrestling Queens (DJW)
Triadondia greeted the dolphins with great enthusiasm, babbling to them about his desire to be a sea creature too. The dolphins, responding to his energetic song, danced closer and one in particular snuggled right up next to the raft, as if inviting the boy to leap on its back. Triadondia was not afraid. He had done this before, while swimming near his home. And so, relinquishing any thought for his safety or for the fate of his little raft, he grabbed hold of the dolphin’s fin and slide gracefully onto its back
Deep Sea Jellies (SW)
Triadondia felt the wind rush all around him as the strong dolphin he was on broke for open sea. The boy had to hold on very tightly. Never had he experienced such speeds as this. “Fly, Brother dolphin, fly ! And I will fly with you, “ he shouted. And then, as if his words had been a magical inattention, the sea parted exposing great plumed walls of white water, and into the heart of that cleft, the dolphin on whose back Triadondia clung, leaped high and plunged like a knife deep into the cavernous opening. Down they went, with the water spiraling sparkly and crystalline, radiating rainbows of wet light all around them.
Sweet Vixen Smokin' Signals (MG)
Suddenly, the dolphin slowed its plunge and Triadondia was able to make out below him a broad glowing green surface from the center of which emanated a bright tower of blue light As he drew closer, the surface revealed itself as a moving field of sea grass – very soft and very welcoming. Without knowing why, Triadondia let go of the dolphin’s fin and floated down towards the waving green carpet and the seductive pillar of blue light.
Super Pink Fuzzees Sharing the Candy Wealth (DW)
The boy soon discovered that by controlling his breath, he could speed up or slow his descent. Never mind that being a creature of the earth, he was somehow able to breathe now underwater. Never mind that the world had been turned upside down. Never mind all the things that made no sense. What made greater sense to him now was that his eyes were awash with light, that his body was filled with a newfound power, and that his heart and mind were joined in a surge of joy that in that moment made all things seem possible.

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