Royal Lunar Landing (RH)

TRIADONDIA: Well, if my parents were not as they appeared to be, then who were they in fact?

POSEIDON: Hmm…(He pauses and nods to Triadondia) come with me boy.

TRIADONDIA: Yes sir. (Stumbling a little) Sir, may the SnorkelDragon come along with us?

SNORKELDRAGON: (Acting as if he has someplace to go) You go ahead…

POSEIDON: (Cutting of all discussion) No. The SnorkelDragon stays here.

SNORKELDRAGON: That’ll be fine.

Okeanos in Deep Immersion (RH)
POSEIDON: (alone with Triadondia) That ball…that is the earth, that is your home. That is where life comes to be born and to die. The mere fact that things on earth must pass out of existence, makes it a very special place, especially for gods like myself for whom a thousand years is the same as a day. Gods, you see are allowed to toy with the earth, to play with the creatures of the earth – rather like puppets. But we cannot be of the earth. To be of the earth means that there must be an end, and the rules of eternity do not allow for an end. And so, we watch and we play and we wreak havoc, as well as bestow great pleasure and good fortune upon that world, but we cannot cry and laugh in the same way that humans can. And because of that we as gods, are doomed to envy man, for the precious and evanescent nature of his being, which somehow manages, in the very face of certain oblivion, to carve such monuments to beauty and love as to make the days and nights that are the paltry sum of a human life more sacred than divinity and more timeless than eternity.
Marvelous Masked Duo (RH)
TRIADONDIA: But my parents, what role did they play in all this?

POSEIDON: (continues) Your mother, my boy, was mirth and your father was hope, and you are their son, upon whom fate has now bestowed this moment - this moment in which you must decide what to do. It is you who must now call this moment to order and give it a name and issue it a command to go forth from this heaven unto the earth. That is the gift and the power that mirth and hope bestow upon those children of earth who take the time to look and listen closely to the depths inside the deep, to the sound of the waves that roll through this miraculous sea of dreams.
Floor for a Party of Five (DW)
TRIADONDIA: (somewhat taken aback) That is what it is, isn’t it – a sea of dreams? Because I do not know what else it could be, and by calling it that, I do not think I limit it, nor do I deprive it of any of its mirth or its hope, do I? Because, it is in the dream that man makes contact with eternity. In the face of that certain oblivion that you mentioned, it is the dream that restores the soul, that delivers to us mirth and hope. Life is a bloody game and innocence is all too quickly ravaged, and so the aching body falls into the hibernation of sleep and there innocence is restored and pains are healed, the spirit is transformed and the keys to all that is lost are returned once more into our hands.
The Magenta Mysterioso (SB)
POSEIDON: You are a sure-footed little philosopher, my boy. The ancient architects who dreamt and then drafted my siblings and I onto that first Olympian team would surely have welcomed your company. Those ancient ones have never departed this rolling “sea of dreams," you know. You must stop and join them for some wine some time, once you have completed your business here.

TRIADONDIA: (suddenly confused) My business? My business? And what was that to be?

Triadondia is lifted from his reverie by the sound of his name being called from a distance. He turns and sees coming up an enormous green wave, the SnorkelDragon - but not just one SnorkelDragon. Before him are at least a hundred of them - all swimming forward in a very precise circular formation. “Triadondia” is what the many mouths of the SnorkelDragon speak in unison. And emanating from the center of that circle of SnorkelDragons is a pulsing light that as it comes closer reveals at its center the blue-visaged form of a Hindu deity. This is the god Shiva.