Welcoming Moon (CG)
There by the sea, there lived a boy. The name he was given at birth has been forgotten in the impenetrable fogs of time, because from the moment he could walk, albeit quite clumsily, he was called Triadondia, which in the ancient tongue meant “Three Teeth,” three teeth being all the teeth that he ever managed to produce. And seeing as how the teeth were unusually long and wide, and completely out of proportion to the rest of his head, he was from a toddler on, the object of much derision and name-calling.
Temple of the Sea God (KM)
And so from boyhood on, little Triadondia roamed up and down the beach, paying close attention to the secrets imparted to him. By the age of seven, he had become a skilled fisherman, able to take a net and spear and return in short order with a fine catch of delectable fish. These he would bring home where his mother would clean and cook them before serving them to Triadondia and his father. Though it was a very lonely childhood he had, his life was not without love. His parents in addition to being humble and industrious were also gentle of spirit and kind in both word and deed. If his parents held him by one hand, it was the sea that held him by the other. And with these two guides to steady his progress, young Triadondia weathered the isolation that was his lot, kept his gaze firmly fixed on the sea, and grew up to be a rather confidant lad.
Sea Serpent Stilter (CG)
One morning, in his twelfth year, Triadondia was shaken from his sleep by a roar unlike any he had ever heard. In an instant his family’s little dwelling and his own little bed were torn apart by an impossible wave that engulfed everything at once. It was a wave unknown except to legend, a wave that sucked everything into its foamy grip. There was no time to save his parents. There was not a moment to do anything but to surrender to this wrenching wave of white thunder. If it were not for the fact that Triadondia could hold his breath for an inhumanly long time, he would never have survived.
Gleefully Shipwrecked on Coral's Reef (RH)
Exhausted from trying to save what he could of his family's possessions, he fell asleep and dreamt of animals that talked and gods who rode in chariots and who bestowed gifts on sleeping children. All about him were men at war, and he was allowed to pick up and hold their weapons, their spears and swords and a strange three-pronged scepter unlike anything he had ever seen. He woke up to the rays of the sun, and realized that he had to make a decision. Should he proceed to walk to the nearest village and seek his fate there, among the townspeople, or should he construct himself a raft and cast his fate with the sea?
La-dee-bump (CG)
As he watched a gull wing its way towards the rising sun, young Triadondia decided to cast his fate with the sea. He would build a raft, and sail it beyond the horizon in search of those things that he saw in dreams. He would live free as the ocean unto whose boundless generosity and abundance he would surrender himself. And so immediately he began to collect logs and bark, and within a week’s time, he had constructed a sturdy single-sailed raft of fine proportions, and on the morning of the seventh day, he packed it with water, a few tools, a few remnants of his childhood and set off upon the adventure that was to become his life.

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