Stilting Deities in the Golden Lift (CG)

TRIADONDIA: Perhaps my new friend the SnorkelDragon has come to put me back to the task of the business that I have come to complete.

POSEIDON: (Even himself impressed at the turn of events) Much more than that must be come to put you back to your task, if the blue god Shiva pays you a visit.

SNORKELDRAGON: Look Triadondia, look how many of me there are. Ha-ha-ha! It is all the doing of this god who has asked me to bring him to you.

(Shiva descends his chariot, plants his three-pronged trident by his feet.)

TRIADONDIA: (To Shiva) Thank you, fair lord, for coming to see me. I have been traveling very far and very fast over many different points of view with our honored host of the sea, Poseidon. But, unfortunately something very important still evades me. I am still having trouble remembering what the point of all this business was intended to be.

Wherever they go on Sunday Morning ...Count Me In (DJW)
SHIVA: (Descending his chariot, and planting his three-pronged trident by his feet.) Forgetting is common; remembering is a challenge. Forgetting to remember leaves one’s head stuck between two points of view - like two mirrors, one that remembers and one that forgets. Suddenly you are stuck, looking at the reflection of reflection - seeing one, then seeing the other and so forth and so on, and before you know it, your head is a pot of thick curry, so confounded that neither remembering nor forgetting, neither front nor back, neither your head nor your ass, can lead you to freedom. Point being, clever idiots must constantly break through the reflections of duality if they are to see the inward path to the outward way.

TRIADONDIA: But the outward way here is purely illusory, no?... I mean I can control things in this realm merely by thinking!
Lumano Fashionisto Metallico (CG)
SHIVA: Of course, it is all the same… only different. All phenomena are perceived as nature decrees, in the singular and in the dualistic sense, but also in a triangulating third perspective, a perspective that neither sees nor is seen, but that attends to all and judges nothing.

TRIADONDIA: But where does it lead? Where is the road?

SHIVA: Just as easy to ask why as to ask where? Because without something, there is nothing, which attractive as it might be sometime, is never quite as pleasant as a good and moist slice of something. You are something, you know young boy. Your face alas is rather dog-like to look at, but your soul is gifted with a great curiosity, matched by rather impressive powers of observation. So now that you can see what can be seen and what cannot, what will you do?

TRIADONDIA: I will, hmm… perhaps, I will be the cause of rejoicing.

SHIVA: Oh, very nice. Good idea.
Lost gets Found (SW)
TRIADONDIA: Perhaps, I will be the instigator of a great celebration.

SHIVA: Very good. Celebrations are so satisfying. That is why in my tradition, the Hindu tradition, each day brings another celebration. Offerings must be made, generosities extended, altars set with lights, sweet fruits and fragrant flowers, so that those passing by can see that the doorway to the heart has been left open. Come in, it says. Come in and take part in the celebration. The world is round, and so round and round it must go. There is no end to the circle. That is why one hundred or even one thousand SnorkelDragons are less of an illusion than one. For in reality, a thousand-fold version of the truth is closer to what we know of the multitudinous life that is within us all.

TRIADONDIA: (As if talking to himself) Deep is the depth. The depth is deep. The road is steep, and so to reach it, we must celebrate the many and the all, so that we might manifest that same multiplicity within ourselves.

SHIVA: Something like that, my boy. And that is the simple reason why we paint out bodies and dance in the streets and in the temples.
Red Show Time Mystering (CG)

TRIADONDIA: And, what is that thing that we must manifest?

SHIVA: If you are indeed human, the options are clear, my boy. Did not my underwater brother Poseidon speak the words to you just moments ago?


SHIVA: What, so soon you forget? Did he not say that your mother was mirth and your father was hope? What do you suppose he was trying to tell you?


SHIVA: He was imparting to you, the key to the freedom that is at the root of all celebration. Revelry, my boy! Joy in the moment! Love for the future! All these are born of an irrational exuberance that reminds us that life is easily destroyed and far too evanescent to be taken too seriously, Revelry offers us a path to surrender and so reminds us that no problem is so great that it cannot be transformed by love into a hopeful gift. This is your gift, young man… To open that doorway and let its light into the world, so that all can see just how natural joy can be.

SNORKELDRAGON: I heard you say it, Triadondia. We swim in a sea of dreams. So, it is best not to oppose the chaos that it conjures, but rather to ride it as gracefully and as joyfully as we can. We each must find our own way into such a mythological life. I am here to put my strengths to good use, to be a messenger of good news and a trusted friend to you. That is my fate and one that I am more than happy to embrace. In serving you good Triadondia, I serve many, and in so doing, I fulfill my purpose.

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