Medusa Dancer (DW)
TRIADONDIA: So, when do we begin our return voyage?

SHIVA: Whenever you want.

TRIADONDIA: And how will we stay in touch?

SHIVA: We are always near at hand, tightly embedded inside popular mythology.

POSEIDON: Quite conventional niches we occupy in the collective cultural spectrum.
Matty Mutayting (DJW)
TRIADONDIA: But we are not likely to speak again like this, are we?

POSEIDON: Not likely. This in itself was a rather completely rare occurrence. But here is that gift I mentioned, and it is a way to stay close.

(Poseidon hands Triadondia a crystal ball. Inside of it is a trident.)

TRIODONIDA: It is beautiful, thank you!

POSEIDON: There is a trident inside of it. Can you see it?
A Moment of Raspadic Suspension (RH)
TRIODONIDA: Yes, the trident - I see it.

POSEIDON: That is my scepter. That is the symbol of my rule. But it is also your name, and now your symbol too.

TRIADONDIA: Yes, I saw it once before, in a dream, but I didn’t know then what it was.

SHIVA: It is my symbol as well, and here contained too in my gift to you.

(Shiva hands Triadondia a trident whose three prongs are set inside of three metal circles.)

SHIVA: Three points and three circles, like the rings of a circus.
Into the Light at the End of the Runway (MP)
TRIODONIDA: I am touched, and very grateful for such wondrous gifts. I do not know yet, how I will use these gifts, but I promise you, I will use them as to some good purpose.

POSEIDON: You do that.

SHIVA: I think you will do just fine.

TRIADONDIA: Then I had better go while the getting is good.

SNORKELDRAGON: (Snapping to) At your service, Master Trident!

TRIADONDIA: Master Trident, is it?
Oh-Fish-All Blessings from Cat and Swami (MG)
SNORKELDRAGON: The tale is yours, Master. It is yours to tell. I am simply here to be of service to that end.


SHIVA: As am I.

TRIADONDIA: Then, perhaps we had best be on our way.

SNORKELDRAGON: Just say the word.

TRIADONDIA: (To Poseidon and Shiva) Thank you my friends. I will always be grateful.

(They nod in acknowledgement.)

TRIADONDIA: (Climbing on the SnorkelDragon) And now, my friend, awaaaay!

(Triadondia, atop the SnorkelDragon, shoot upwards through the watery world.)

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