Lady of the Indigo (NV)
Over the course of that conversation, something changed in both their lives. The stranger found himself set upon a mission to share the beauty of Trinidadian’s tale with a great many people.

And Triadondia? Well, he was comforted, because he saw just how unbroken was the line of a human life, and how a gift given is never lost, so long as the heart remains generous.

They left the coffee house and walked down the rainy city streets. They were about to part ways, when Triadondia handed the satchel containing Poseidon and Shiva’s gifts to the stranger, who also happened to be a party producer.
Yard Dogs Side Show (MP)
TRIADONDIA: This is how life goes on. I am a sailor from the past, yet I hold tightly to this gift for the future. Stories are memories that cannot be lost because they cannot be silenced or forgotten. A story may lay dormant for years between tellings, but then one day unexpectedly, outside the temple, on that humble stage where no one is excluded, it will be told again, and this time it will be told as it was meant to be told, in such a way that it will be passed on. And in that moment, it will cease to be told by one man and will commence to be told by another, and then another, and then another.
Shiny Happy Fluffy Person (NV)
STRANGER: (Who is now revealed as the invisible Narrator) And those were the last words Triadondia spoke to me. When I returned home, I opened the satchel he had given me, and gazed upon the magical gifts - The crystal ball and the three ring circular medallion.

The new year’s party that happened a few weeks was a lovely success, and for several months I did not know what to do with the story and the gifts that that the old sailor had imparted to me.
The Glowing DecorFish Blows You Kisses... (CG)
But then one day, it became clear. Our next New Year’s party would be called "Sea of Dreams - Trident’s Tale,” and we would order it to suit the characters in Triadondia’s story. And perhaps in this way, the people who come to the event would be able to share in the some of the magic of Triadondia's story, and in so doing begin to reshape the legend for themselves.
... & the Magical SnorkelDragon Wishes you an Inspiring New Year! (DS)

So, that is where Trident’s Tale ends, right there at the beginning. For when midnight struck on December 31st, 2003, it became a story able to be told by all who were in attendance – in the very unique way that only each could tell it.

And so, my friends, I leave the Trident legend in your hands. May you find within your own sea of dreams a righteous cause to celebrate this new year, so that we might manifest together throughout the year that same generous multiplicity and sense of wonder which is within each of us, and which is in fact what we are and always have been, now and for all eternity.