The Border Of the Altared State (MP)
As Triadondia fell deeper into the sea, his mind of course rushed with questions. But, as quickly as each question presented itself another quite unquestioning force within him would knock it aside and force him back to the evidence of his senses. Like a warrior perched on the edge of the abyss, he countered and deflected the onslaught of questions and contradictions with a swift and absurd sense of glee. He sensed that the mystery before him was one that simply needed to be embraced, and so once again without thinking, without any hesitation, without a concern for the multitude of unexplainable fears and phenomena that surrounded him, Triadondia simply let himself float down into the crater, and directly into the beam of glowing light.
Backstage in the Yard Dogs Trailer (MP)
As he descended, Triadondia spun himself around in a playful loop just as he had seen dolphins do so many times. It felt so simple and beautiful. What pleasure it brought him. He spun, he spiraled, he leapt, he floated. The bubbles produced by the velocity of his propulsion generated musical sounds which he could raise or lower by merely tipping his head. But most beautiful of all, there rose before his eyes, a majesty of lights so sublime that all other sights paled before it. It was to this most original light that he now felt himself united.
Portrait of a Woman Finding her Light (MP)
At that moment, a ripple and a shimmering glint caught his eye. He held his gaze upon it, until he could see that it was a snowflake that had caught his eye. Light and water had merged to create this overwhelmingly delicate structure. Pouring from the center of the snowflake was an unslackable storm of ever more tiny and delicate snowflakes, each at once so similar, and yet each one unique as well. As he relaxed into the vision of this crystalline flurry, he saw that all he need do was to fix his gaze upon a snowflake for it to grow in size a hundred or even thousand times larger than its neighbors. Leaving one, he would turn to another, and so in short order he had populated this frosty world with different-sized icy pinwheels that spun to the tune of the bubbly music that whirled in his ears.
To React or to Surrender (DJW)
After a time, Triadondia returned his attention to the seemingly infinite number of iridescent reflections that continued to dance before him. A curved form captured his attention. As he fixed his gaze upon the shape, it drew closer to him. This was a tiny seahorse he had spied - a beautiful and ever so subtle creature. Wondrous indeed he thought, a life that can produce creations so splendidly tiny and so grand in design as the tiny snowflake and the fragile seahorse. The little seahorse pranced before him and Triadondia smiled as he watched its puffy little eyes dart around comically trying to keep up with the barely controlled movements of its body.
Two Gents of Verona (CG)


Something unexpected happened next - something that Triadondia could not have anticipated, being so new to this fluid domain. The seahorse looked at him and proceeded to make a rather cute face, a face that seemed to imply that the creature knew that it was being observed.

Triadondia could not help but speak.

TRIADONDIA: Please little fellow, be what you are. Follow your instincts. Do not let me limit you or intimidate you, for I am as much amazed at this turn of events as you must be. Let us then proceed to surprise each other by playing fast and loose with the possibilities before us.

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