FoxGluv on the Stage du Shiva (CG)
No sooner had Triadondia spoken to the creature, than the little seahorse perked up its head and in a single quick breath expanded itself 10 and then 20 times, and then a hundred times its original size. This was no longer a delicate seahorse that Triadondia was looking at, but rather an immensely large and powerful looking dragon.
The Rosy Black And Blue Burlesque (RH)

TRIADONDIA: What are you?

THE SEAHORSE: What kind of question is that? I am you - another invention of that vast ocean in which you now reside and over which it would appear you have some royal-like dominion.

TRIADONDIA: Oh very good, excellently spoken, my friend.

THE SEAHORSE: So, is it a friend you take me to be?

TRIADONDIA: Yes, yes, yes! My life has been woefully short of friends with whom I can converse. All the sea animals that I counted as friends before now were incapable of such discussions. Ha-ha... this is something new for me and something I very much enjoy!

THE SEAHORSE: Well then, there you have it. I am and shall be proud to call you friend.

Swirling in the Cove (CG)
TRIADONDIA: You are indeed a legendary creature, my friend.

THE SEAHORSE: And do you think you are any less so?

TRIADONDIA: Well, I hadn’t thought about it.

THE SEAHORSE: Naturally, why waste time with unessential questions that don’t have anything to do with the joyful inheritance of this moment we share.

TRIADONDIA: The joyful inheritance, you say? Well, you are just brimming with surprises. And yes, it’s true - this was hardly my doing. Where DID this all come from after all? Is it all just a gift? And if so, why me?

THE SEAHORSE: Upon which version of an answer would you like me to expound?

TRIADONDIA: Well, a magical and amusing version I would hope.

THE SEAHORSE: Very well then, so you shall have it. Your fate is magical because it comes upon you unexpectedly. It is also amusing because upon its arrival, you surrender yourself body and soul to the whole of it.
Miracle of a Smile (CG)
TRIADONDIA: You know, this conversation means a great deal to me.

THE SEAHORSE: I am just as grateful too you know. Before your gaze pulled me from the maelstrom, I was…well, let’s just say I was woefully inarticulate. Didn’t have a damn thought in my head really.

TRIADONDIA: And listen to you now, a babbling snorkel dragon.

THE SEAHORSE: A snorkel dragon is it? Now you’ve done it! You listen to me, my big heroic friend. You cannot go about casually naming creatures. You see once you give a name to a creature that has no name, it is very difficult to unname them. Such a name is like glue that sticks tenaciously to the thing named.

TRIADONDIA: Well, what’s wrong with the name, SnorkelDragon? I rather like it.

SNORKELDRAGON: Well, I have no problem with it. I rather like it too. I just wanted to warn you about the dangers inherent in taking a cavalier approach to the naming process. You are new to this whole thing and may not yet realize how many irrevocable powers you actually possess.
Pointing to the Constellation of Love (CG)
TRIADONDIA: Well then, my dear SnorkelDragon. I think we are well met on this highway of light, and so here is to our friendship and to whatever comes next, may we see it together.

SNORKELDRAGON: To bigger and better things!

(They raise their arms and toast each other)

TRIADONDIA: Ha-ha, all right then… to bigger and better things. Though I can’t for the life of me imagine what could be bigger or better than this.

SNORKELDRAGON: Oh stop! What do you know? The horizons are limitless in all directions here. The sky is infinitely tall. The sea and the earth below it are infinitely deep. Time is a sponge, a soggy orb that turns with every tick of the clock from one magical form into another. (Seeing something) Why look, even now, there - before you it comes!

(Triadondia turns to see at what the SnorkelDragon is pointing. He is stunned to see a huge wave rising up before them. A wide crest of white foam rolls up and transforms itself into a broad phalanx of powerful horses, each with nostrils flaring and wild eyes locked as one upon them.)

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