The Breath before the Plunge (MG)
The wave grew in size several fold, and soon towered above them as tall as the highest trees that grow on dry land. And just as it appeared that Triadondia and his dragon pal would be swallowed by the wave, a chasm suddenly opened into which the team of white horses plunged, In their wake, there appeared, at the end of a long set of reins, an ornate chariot of gold, bright as the sun, and in it a majestic figure with flowing white hair and beard, wearing deep blue and purple robes, with a face powerful, still youthful and marvelously tanned. The chariot pulled right up to the two of them standing there, and a grand figure stepped off the chariot. Standing before them was the Greek god, Poseidon, who raised his three-pronged trident and planted it by his feet.
JellyLady Stargazing (MG)
POSEIDON: Welcome, young lad.

TRIADONDIA: (fully intimidated) Um, thank you. Thank you. Welcome to you as well.

POSEIDON: (slightly vain) Do I look as you have imagined me?

TRIADONDIA: (with uncertainty) I suppose so, sir. To be honest, my previous life was so filled with natural creatures and varieties of marine vegetation, that I never really spent much time imagining what the gods would look like, or if they would ever deign to appear or speak to me.

POSEIDON: Well, all the better I say. Be rid of expectations and you shall not taste of the disappointment that idle dreaming inflicts upon the weak of mind who invent petty figments to steal them away from the boring captivity of their own shriveled imaginations.
Mystic Vibrationists (CG)
TRIADONDIA: May I ask to what good fortune, we owe this impressive arrival and visitation?

POSEIDON: Yes, well… this sort of thing is rather standard procedure here, being the god of the sea and all. You are in deeper than you can imagine now, my boy. And so we are here at your request – lending some form and substance to the still ill-defined aspects of your own fledgling god-like nature.

TRIADONDIA: I see… or at least I think I do. And certainly, I am most appreciative for the opportunity to see you unfurl yourself in such a vivid and imposing fashion.

POSEIDON: Well, I'm not really that imposing, I don’t think. It’s just a job, an aspect of nature, you know; the powers of the sea, the storms and the fate thing, Life and death – it all ties together, but it is a lot to keep track of, and so the human imagination floundering around… how do you say it?…”personifies” - you know, puts a face on the unknown, casts a little fancy and familiar light on the face of the darkness.

TRIADONDIA: You don’t have to so modest.

POSEIDON: Of course I don’t. I could just as easily turn a hand and be the voice from the whirlwind, or the icy and bloody blade of doom, but that is neither who nor what I am right now.

In fact, I am you right now. I am the you that is the god of the sea anyway, that is the keeper of all miracles that attach themselves to water, which of course is what surrounds the surface of the earth and gives life to all the animals, vegetables and mineral to which it is home. In that regard, I am also the keeper of those little molecules of hydrogen and oxygen that are the preserving formula that allows life to sustain itself through time.
You Vee Viewmister (DW)
TRIADONDIA: (Still in awe before Poseidon) Well, yes, well um,… (He pauses) Do you have anything to add SnorkelDragon?

SNORKELDRAGON: (Severely tongue-tied) No
TRIADONDIA: (to Poseidon) Well then, thank you indeed for all that hard work.

POSEIDON: Well, it is hard work that’s true. That’s why it’s a job, huh? But you, you get to do it all just as you please. You are the true son of a dreamer I tell you. You come into your good fortune not bound by obligation to do one thing over and over, but rather by virtue of joy and fate, you are privy to all the pleasures of being a god, and none of the burdensome responsibilities.
King of Light Toys (RH)
TRIADONDIA: Why is that? Why was I so lucky?

POSEIDON: Well, it’s a fate thing, isn’t it? I mean, your parents were who they were, and so you are who you are. My father was a mean old son of a bitch that ate my elder brothers and sisters and so, as the fruit of his loins, I am forced from time to time to wreak absolute death and destruction upon the world. Tough job, you know, but it’s got to be done.

TRIADONDIA: What exactly do you mean about my parents? They were simple people, you know - humble gatherers who lived by the sea. There was nothing god-like about them. I mean, they possessed no magical powers.

POSEIDON: Well, humph…, of course to youth, all age must appear frail and a bit sorrowful. But when you are around a bit longer, my friend, you will see that nothing on earth is as it appears, whereas everything in this world is alas, exactly as it appears.

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