Anon Salon.. Love Fest.. Love @ Level N!ne


Saturday, October 4, 2008

(Also available for rentals!)
285 NINE th Street @ Folsom/ SF

9pm on...


Apologies for names listed not on the bill • Video by Stefan G.. Music by Electrofunkadelica

Wear your love like heaven.. like a diety.. like an innocent.. like a stuffed giraffe
Spin through a labyrinth of music, art, theater, video, dance & re-creating (see photos below)
As always, this is a DONATION ONLY event.

It is your choice to support the space and the artists who have added their magic, thank you!

There are always at least N!NE actual reasons why you may want to BE at this soirée!

Table and Deck Dancers..

Jocelyn (Get Freaky) • Satsi (Ammo)• Smoove (NewsBreakz) • Icon (Breakbeat Booty, SisterSF)• Patricio (LABADJ) • Delachaux (Dark Kabaret) & MORE!

Video Streams by..

Satsi (AMMO) • Skinny Mini Disco Tech (Go Video) & the • Dee Dee Artfactory of wonders and green fairiness and the Sultry and Surreal Vaudeville Erotique Live and in full Burlesquevision!


Offshoot of P-Funk, consisting of Shaunna Hall (current P-funk guitarist/founder of 4 Non-Blondes/website), Kevin Carnes (of the Broun Fellinis) + a full A/V show - as well as various guests!

YouTube Clips:
#1 Second Wind #2 - Good Thoughts #3 Stellar E.

Medici Italiano Grand Opening..

Grand opening of Greg Noto's Medici Italiano cuisine @ 9th & Folsom w/ happy hour & Anon-Discounted food deal (Tell 'em Joegh sent ya') after LoveFest! Check out the decor by Robin Coomer who did 5 & Diamond.

Art work of Climate Gallery

• Lemons Drops, photos by Lienna Vayzman • The Heyena Project, erotic manuscript paintings by Dorian Katz

The Official Tease-O-Rama After-Party

The official Tease-o-rama after party from Bimbo's with special guest performer drop ins and special tease-o-rama! (Hosted by Unkl Paul Nathan and friends from Dark Cabaret) PLUS the JP Barlow Frenzy!

"7 Beggars" by Tim Barsky @ Climate Theater

"7 Beggars" by Tim Barsky @ Climate Theater (Thursday, September 18- Saturday, October 18/ 8PM $15-$20/ live music by multi-instrumentalist Brandi Brandes & Directed by Jessica Heidt/ 7 Beggars is a modern retelling of Reb Nachman's early 19th century epic folktale, long considered the crown jewel of the Jewish folkloric tradition.

The Gallery N!NE Art Sirens of Fantasy

Super Bad Burlesque - Hot Dancers + Art deco-rated mannikens by Anon Gurlz R Us + the Esque series of quasi-naked nymphoids by Nina Kempf + Doe-eyed funk diva paintings by Ursula Xanthe Young + Love is the Body Nude Photos by Thomas Hammel

Kiss and Tell All Booth

What/Who I Love + What I'd Love to Tell You... Confession Kiss and Tell All Booth hosted by Stephania in Wonderland + SwamiLove Lounge ( How I love ya , how i love ya my dear old Swami) Hear some sage advice on topics of the heart with a real Swami from atop the magic bus!

Or enjoy the roof & the fair SF air..

And stay tuned area for up coming Anon Events....

Halloween October 31 Inferno Paradiso @ The Regency Center
November 15 Full Moon Crazy Maze 2 in Half Moon Bay
December 31 Sea of Dreams '09 @ SF Concourse

Check out ANONGALLERY.COM to learn about renting the Anon Space for holiday parties!

Photos below from Anon Salon "Sky of Diamonds" @ Temple - 7.04.08 courtesy of Herman Privette